The Docks of New York

Title : The Docks of New York
Release : 1928
Language : English
Runtime : 12:0:00
Genre : Crime, Drama
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Bill Roberts works as a stoker on a coal-red barge. It’s dirty, hard work and the men have to put up with a foreman, Andy, who seems to enjoy making their life miserable. When finally off the ship, Bill sees a young woman struggling in the water – apparently trying to commit suicide. He takes her to the Sandbar saloon, the sailors’ hangout. The girl is Mae and Bill takes a shine to her but so does Andy. One thing leads to another and Bill asks her to marry him then and there. They don’t have a marriage ;licence however and despite Bill promising to get one first thing the morning he decides to leave her behind. When she gets into trouble however, Bill steps in.

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