Little Children

Title : Little Children
Release : 2006
Language : English
Runtime : 2:16:00
Genre : Drama, Romance
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Echoes of “Madame Bovary” in the American suburbs. Sarah’s in a loveless marriage to an advertising executive, long days with her young daughter at the park and the pool, wanting more. Brad is an immature househusband, married to a flinty documentary filmmaker. Ronnie is just out of prison – two years for indecent exposure to a minor – living with his elderly mother, May; Larry is a retired cop, fixated on driving Ronnie away. Sarah and Brad connect, a respite of adult companionship at the pool. Ronnie and Larry have their demons. Brad should be studying for the bar; Larry misses his job; Ronnie’s mom thinks he needs a girlfriend. Sarah longs to refuse to be trapped in an unhappy life. Where can these tangled paths lead?

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Walter Matthau,

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Jennifer Connelly, Kate Winslet, Patrick Wilson, Jackie Earle Haley,

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